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28 November 2022

Hey there! First and foremost this game is about having fun.

Everyone enters with 20 BGN (Your account will be active after that)

It's not about profit, so the winners will share all of the collected funds!

The idea behind it, is to create additional emotion during the '2022 FIFA World Cup'.


The rules are simple and pretty straight forward!

You make predictions for every game and earn points.

When the '2022 FIFA World Cup' ends, the first three with most poins win!

- Your prediction is based on the final outcome of the game

(90 minutes / without overtime or penalties)

- If your prediction matches the final score, you earn 3 points

- If you guess just the winner, you earn 1 point

- If your prediction is not correct - 0 points

The first three will share the funds as follows:

- 1st place - 50%

- 2nd place - 30%

- 3rd place - 20%